Professional Ecommerce Website Developers

When we build an e-commerce website, we power it with analytical tools and sales support software. From Credit Card payment processing to fraud prevention and powerful product-specific SEO, our e-commerce projects are jam-packed full of success-driven resources.

  • WooCommerce
  • Merchant Account Integration With Bambora, Chase Payments, Moneris
  • Fraud Mitigation
  • SEO For Digital Retailers and Virtual Products
  • Scalable Application Development & Infrastructure.

The success of past clients like Wild West Shooting Range and Canadian Ink Tattoo are merely demonstrations of what we can do. We are ready for something huge.

Why should you hire a professional agency?

Running a web-based store is not easy. Your entire storefront is replaced (or complemented by) a website. When you first start online, retail platforms like Shopify or Squarespace are fantastic places to start. Although they make it really easy, you still need to do everything yourself. When sales are low, this is not technically complex, but after some time, these platforms’ limitations will start to show cracks.

When your sales grow, managing orders, shipping, packing, backorders and inventory all become areas of e-commerce that require attention. You can choose to add employees to manage your website, or you can outsource to an agency. 

We fit right in the middle. We save you a lot of time and significantly reduce the risk of improperly configuring your website. We work with consultants, MBAs, and business coaches to fit nicely in your team. We are your creative department, first-line website management repair company, and we coordinate sophisticated development projects when required. 

The most valuable support we offer to e-commerce businesses is to find ways to increase sales through digital marketing and website development. 

Is e-commerce right for my business?

Are you an entrepreneur with a new idea to sell an established product? If your product is already on the market, then trying to sell it online isn’t the smartest idea. Carefully consider the value proposition you have. Are you faster, more affordable, or do you have a higher perceived value than all other retailers in your segment? Can anyone replicate what you have to offer? How much demand (internationally) is there for your product, and how saturated is the market?

Ecommerce is by no means a magic bullet to becoming rich. It is a very dynamic marketplace where international customers can shop for international suppliers. 

If your product is unique, hard to get, or fills a unique need in the marketplace then e-commerce is definitely right for you!

The e-commerce services we provide

  • WordPress or Woocommerce Maintenance and Development
  • POS Integration
  • Order Fulfilment Integration (Custom API Development)
  • Google Merchant & Google for Retail (incl. Ads)
  • Microsoft Merchant Center
  • Online Payments Moneris Gateway
  • Chase Orbital Payment Gateway
  • Bambora Payment Gateway
  • Credit Card Processes, Subscription Management, and Recurring Billing
  • Banner Advertising, Remarketing, Shopping Ads, and more
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