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Our core values are trust, effect, and client success. Our mission is to be the slingshot. We go deeper into all the little components of your website development project to make it useful, superior, and worthy of a world-class brand. We go deeper to produce an effect.

The Domain Name – The often-ignored critical component

Domain Names, have you ever had issues with them? Make sure you take a moment to understand what this critical component is and why we offer so much value to your business.

We don’t just register a domain name for you, we fully manage it.

Your domain name registration can be quite turn-key and this is normally what you get with other web design companies. You end up with a mess of DNS records that pollute your domain name with insecure settings and pollute email inboxes from all kinds of spam. Most people don’t even know how central these domain name records are to verifying the legitimacy of your business online.

Without the right tools and understanding, it’s likely getting overlooked.

Think about the main name servers on the internet as being the central reference that all the web browsers, email servers, and internet service providers have agreed to use. Where you register your domain is where the original records are kept and through a series of citations and linking, these records propagate around the globe. It used to take 24 to 48 hours for a domain name change to take hold, but these days global replication happens in minutes.

A domain name points to a bunch of records like this.

Typically, when you hire a web design company, they won’t have a lot of experience with domain names and they will use any $10/year registrar and merely get your website working. They may use Cloudflare or another intermediary which is an improvement over a basic default, but they probably don’t take the time to comb through the details as we do.

First, we use the right tools for the job. We’re not completely automated, but we’re also not manual either. We use robots to make the tasks easy, but they are only the tools and we put intelligence behind them.

We use the right tooling for the right job. The result is a more robust, clean, and secure online presence. And you thought you just wanted a typical web design, eh?

We manage a big ass fleet of nameservers, including our own PowerDNS cluster (aptly named Freyja in pursuit of records) and Amazon’s Route 53. This affords us redundancy and the flexibility we need to pivot to new security technologies as soon as they are unveiled.

You don’t just get a domain name, you get:

When you get a Choice OMG Website, you get a domain. However, you get much more than just registration.

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