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This project is a combination of affordable web design and some fancy work with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF Pro). The users submit their own businesses for review and the brokerage saves paper. This has ranked #1 since 2018 for many search terms and the volume of keywords climbing up to the first page is ever increasing.

Lot’s of Potential

Because this site was programmed using best practices and standard conventions known industry-wide, there will be no starting from scratch on this project. All plugins can be safely updated and there is no “theme” to manage. It’s a raw WordPress install that will stand the test of time.


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Note: Although every effort is made to reflect our current work, we've done so many websites over the past decade that we can't be sure they are all still online. Websites are changed/removed for all kinds of reasons and the site may no longer be online or it may be different than as presented here.
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Executive Summary

This SEO project was a smart investment for the owner. He’s tried many SEO companies over the years, but ChoiceOMG has been the best.

Peter Jaffray

Studied Master of Business Administration at the University of Alberta. Currently lives in Manitoba and spends time in Alberta.
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