Army Regiment

PPCLI Canadian Forces Website Created by ChoiceOMG

Army Regiment

We’ve done quite a bit of work for the PPCLI over the years. It’s a regiment in the Canadian Forces with three battalions across Canada. They needed a website to centralize their information for the public and make resources more widely accessible to Patricia vets.

One of the exciting parts of the website that I am interested in is submitting a story section where pas vets send their stories and pictures to their annual publication called The Patrician. You will find all back issues of the Patrician on the website as well.

Registered members of the regiment each have a user account. The site is managed internally by its staff. We provide training and support as needed. The website itself generates a significant amount of international traffic and requires powerful hosting. For that, we have multiple layers of content distribution and security. Nothing on the website is protected information, but we see a higher than average activity from malicious robots and other baddies.

If you are looking for an NFP corporate website, we will recommend WordPress to manage your content and a modified user management plugin to control (and distribute) access. That way, it’s not a super challenging task to manage and maintain for the long run, and as people move around inside the organization, re-training and cross-training others become a breeze.

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