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Badass Hair Salon

Tim and Christina from Dollhouse and Barber blonde are a powerful force in Strathcona’s community. They do the best hair in the region and have travelled the world doing hair shows with the greats. When you enter this eclectic shop, your eyes will barely be able to take in all the awesomeness.

Our hair salon website project is an ever-evolving combination of helping visitors find them on search (to book appointments, of course) and, more recently, to help them sell the products online.

We’re always adjusting and fine-tuning this site as it’s quite the task to keep up with Tim’s excellent social media accounts or Christina’s ever-growing profiles of super cool hair colours.

This website has some pretty neat blog posts, and I’m a real big fan of the Terms of Service. Enjoyable reads, and I hope they do the business justice.

We used to write blogs mainly for SEO purposes. But around that got too spammy, and no one wanted to read them. A few years ago, we changed tactics for this particular salon by writing shocking and entertaining pieces such as “strange beauty treatments” and the most expensive scissors ever made. For this project, you will see lots of interest, and there is a business effect. The lesson we take from this is to always do everything for the visitors and not worry about what the Goog will do. It has been working ever since.

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  1. The E commerce is done and all the products are in there. We’re also syncing with Googz and Facebook products.

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