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Canadian Automotive Windshield Franchise

When you search for auto glass repair across Canada, you will end up on one of their location pages and either fill out the form for a quote or call the number shown. Each local franchise would receive the leads directly and benefit from the group (Franchisor’s) marketing.  We’ve got new ideas and a new perspective on how to take this even further for the next automotive franchise looking for a web agency like is.

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Note: Although every effort is made to reflect our current work, we've done so many websites over the past decade that we can't be sure they are all still online. Websites are changed/removed for all kinds of reasons and the site may no longer be online or it may be different than as presented here.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Complete website with multiple franchisee support. Completed in 2015. This website has a very high conversion rate and also phenomenal automotive SEO. It was designed to get really high quality scores in Google Ads.

Jordan Rude

Manager at Choice OMG. Jordan is a talented visual artist and an automotive enthusiast. He appreciates quality craftsmanship and his eye for detail is uncanny.
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