It takes a particular type of man or woman to fight through the hurdles of owning and managing a contracting company. Dealing with tradespeople and negotiating at the margins builds character and fosters a particular type of grit. You can see the skill they have in these core traits by understanding how they manage their website.

Is it out of date with one blog post saying, “welcome to our new website!” from 2019? That might be a sign of poor project management skills.

Is the website half-finished with apparent errors and leftovers from a template that didn’t work out? Are the reviews reliable, or are they obviously paid for or just made up to fill space?

When it comes to construction companies and contractors, their website does a lot of talking without saying much.

When you look at a website, and it’s simple, to the point, and clear, you know you found a company that knows how to do their research, understands their audience and finishes what they start. That’s what you will find here—complete websites of successful companies.

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