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Automotive Digital SEO and Website Marketing Project

This website was all about qualifying leads and then converting the best of them. The funnel quickly segments those with deep pockets from those looking for a deal in a pretty creative way.  Check it out and get a quote to wrap your car in 3M XPel PPF.

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Note: Although every effort is made to reflect our current work, we've done so many websites over the past decade that we can't be sure they are all still online. Websites are changed/removed for all kinds of reasons and the site may no longer be online or it may be different than as presented here.
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Executive Summary

Website developed for paint protection film company in South Edmonton. This website was very affordable and delivered in a very short time. It doesn’t have a lot of SEO in it, but it does have a high conversion rate for the traffic it does get. If you are looking for a inexpensive automotive website, be sure to check out our rates.

Jordan Rude

Manager at Choice OMG. Jordan is a talented visual artist and an automotive enthusiast. He appreciates quality craftsmanship and his eye for detail is uncanny.
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