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Working with Paul on this website was a lot of fun. I have to admit that after watching all the videos I wanted to see the experience for myself. One of the biggest requirements of this project was to help him improve is search engine visibility. After taking a look at what he already had to work with I discovered there wasn’t a lot of work to do. His previous SEO company had put so much pollution on his website that Google had no idea what the website was about.

After taking out a lot of the garbage and making his website more human and appealing to real people his traffic started to climb. A few checks on Google Search Console and it was apparent that his SEO was on the right track. At the time of writing this portfolio comment, the website is #1 for pretty much anything related to duck hunting in Manitoba. Most of the credit goes to Paul on this one… we just made him look good and applied a little experience and intuition.

Do you want to check out a world-class hunting experience in Canada?  Come hunt some ducks.

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  1. You guys did some great work on this one. I was looking at the videos and the speed is pretty impressive. Why did you decide to use Amazon CloudFront rather than YouTube or Vimeo?

    1. YouTube is fantastic, and so is Vimeo. However both of them are actually loading the media from their servers so we don’t have control over what information is shared or if they decide to remove content. Also, third party video sites need to monetize their videos so they normally track people and for the visitors of this site, we want to respect their privacy. I used AWS CloudFront to get the benefit of speed without all the bloat that comes from embedded videos.

  2. This one is ranking really well for anything related to Manitoba duck or waterfowl hunting.

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Executive Summary

Media rich website backed by Amazon’s Cloudfront network for lightning fast video delivery. Huge SEO Wins on this one. Birdtail Waterfowl is featured by Travel Manitoba as a premier destination to experience what the province has to offer. The website is the brainchild of Paul and ChoiceOMG executed the design and development based on his creative brief.

Peter Jaffray

Studied Master of Business Administration at the University of Alberta. Currently lives in Manitoba and spends time in Alberta.
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