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When Elementor came out for WordPress, we were quick to adopt it. One of our favourite sites is this one, so we began exploring the potential of the new platform and customizing our own bolt-on features. We found that the things we could do significantly increased and the time to build was reduced. When I say reduced, I mean reduced. We could do better in a fraction of the time.

We Learned How to Deliver Quickly and Capability

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  1. The E commerce is done and all the products are in there. We’re also syncing with Googz and Facebook products.

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Note: Although every effort is made to reflect our current work, we've done so many websites over the past decade that we can't be sure they are all still online. Websites are changed/removed for all kinds of reasons and the site may no longer be online or it may be different than as presented here.
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Executive Summary

This is a pretty badass hair salon in Edmonton and this website shows that. Rich with images and light on the copy.

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