Ecommerce Supplement Store

Mobile ecommerce website project

Ecommerce Supplement Store

Richard Seguin from Firstline Nutrition in South Edmonton runs a nutrition and supplements store. His website is managed internally by his staff.

E-commerce transactions process through the Chase payment ecosystem and his inventory is managed directly on a POS. Since the commencement of the e-commerce functionality on his website, he has had exponential online growth. During the international pandemic, he’s doubled his online sales each month since march (at the time of writing this).

Firstline Nutrition Website Created by ChoiceOMG
Firstline Nutrition

This website is an example of a simple e-commerce project with a basic shipping calculator using Canada Posts API. Order processing occurs on the WordPress front end. Customer service happens over SMS text messages and a website chat app backed by Front and Twilio.

Flyer Design
Flyer Design

When you look at this website, we encourage you to check it out on a mobile device first, as 88% of all traffic to this site is mobile or comes from social media.

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    1. Moneris is probably one of the best integrations. Chase payments is a real big pain, but can be done. Then if you use TD Bank, the Bambora (previously known as Beanstream, is not too difficult. In the beginning, I normally recommend PayPal because of its simplicity. However as sales increase the 3% that PayPal takes starts to add up and then it becomes beneficial to go with another merchant and get closer to 1.5% to 2%.

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