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Restaurant website by ChoiceOMG Edmonton Office

Japanese Resteraunt in Sherwood Park, Alberta

We loved working on this website and when we went to celebrate we ate Sushi!  The group favourite was the Samurai Roll.

Masago is the processed eggs of the capelin fish. The capelin is a small fish that lives in massive schools throughout the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is usually an orange-reddish colour. If you have ever tried tobiko, you will recognize some similarities to masago. The flavour of masago is more subtle than tobiko, and somewhat less crunch. Overall it is a salty seafood type flavour.

We had to experience the food to write about it.  Our content still lives on almost 7 years later and has been adopted in a lot more of their marketing materials. We did loads of graphic design work for Sumo Sumo as well as the desktop and mobile website design & development. We would love to hear your feedback on yet another restaurant web design.

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Note: Although every effort is made to reflect our current work, we've done so many websites over the past decade that we can't be sure they are all still online. Websites are changed/removed for all kinds of reasons and the site may no longer be online or it may be different than as presented here.
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Executive Summary

This Sushi Restaurant Website Design began as a hand drawn sketch and evolved from there. With a high level of focus on efficiency as well as mobile accessibility, we took their existing PDF menus and created the best balance we could between searchable restaurant items and a menu that could be managed with their current business processes. Simple, yet easy to fine Sherwood Park Sushi Restaurant.
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