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Windgate YEG - ChoiceOMG web design portfolio

Hotel Franchisee

Wingate at the Edmonton International Airport wanted a website not directly controlled by the franchisor. With Google Analytics 4, we can analyze hotel performance and adapt quickly to changing market conditions with real-time AI-driven insights.

We can evaluate booking information through multi-dimensional multi-layered analytics using free Google tools. Independent and boutique hotels traditionally face upward battles regarding online SEO, and it’s even harder when they opt to franchise.

A simple location-specific website keeps control with the location owner, and strategically it makes sense. Your online presence is tied to your site, not to the franchise. We love the empowerment behind controlling our own site and making our own decision.

Gaming hotels and casino resorts rely on guest loyalty and strong patron relationships for their core business. Fostering this relationship with a wholly-owned media channel keeps control in your own hands.

We know that OTAs are eating a large part of the online market and our potential profit base. We needed to make a website to help us market a minimal amount of inventory, 48 rooms for us, which created urgency for people to book it. Controlling this on our own website was essential to our independence as a long-term hotel.

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