Landscaping Website Design

Online marketing for a St. Albert landscaping company

Landscaping Website Design

For contractors and other contractor marketing strategies we usually need to focus on a local target audience. It’s important that we send all the right signals with this landscaping website design to affirm that the business is a local contractor. We also need to set the right tools in place so we can track performance.

Of course, we upgrade to the new GA 4.0 platform. We also mark the correct events as conversions.

We use both client side (js) events and server side (api) to pass events to Google. With the new GA4, we can simply toggle some events as conversions.

Also, for any website that is going to have Facebook activity, we definitely want Facebook Analytics so we install the pixel and setup conversions the same way.

When installing tags on websites it’s important you install the tags correctly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a website and have found issues with the tag installation. The most common issue is installing “multiple tracking codes” for GA. If you would like to see how you can quickly check your tag installations, look into Tag Assistant, Facebook Pixel Helper, and UET Tag Helper. They are all super easy to use.

Landscaping Website Design
Every successful form submission triggers a conversion (once per person)

We beefed up this domain name with CAA, DKIM, and SPF as well as DNSSEC. When we do websites for people, we give them more.

DNSSEC is a strong signal that you are visiting the website you intended to. It certifies the name server and it’s accuracy in the chain to the root name servers.

Next up for this project is to focus on speed and monitor how users interact with the site. We suspect most will just contact the business for a quote, but after we receive 10 or so conversions, we will get to work.

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