Wild West Shooting Centre

West Edmonton Mall's Coolest Attraction

Wild West Shooting Centre

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  1. I’m looking through your website portfolio and your sites are fast. Do you recommend CloudFront?

    1. CloudFront is mostly beneficial when you want your root domain (like “domain.com” without the “www” in front) to point at a CNAME address. Normally the root domain needs to point at an IP and after a certain point of growth for a website it’s important to plan for changing IP addresses. When you use a CNAME then this process is much easier. Thanks for checking out our portfolio. If you are on IRC, I hang out on EFNet and can check out what you have going on.

    2. Sorry… one more thing. CloudFront does improve speed, but if you want really good speed look into nginx proxy-cache and fastcgi-cache. I’ve built up years of experience with it and I’m always learning new ways to cache between servers, but the biggest gains in speed that I ever had were a result of understanding nginx better. Also look into load balancing as your traffic grows.

  2. We’re working on a complete re-write of this website to using ReactJS as a SPA so you will see this site load even faster. Stay tuned!

    1. The rebuild is using nginx and unit to automatically spool up new POS system for both in-store POS and web ecommerce. It’s done. We’re just checking security now.

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