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This category is dedicated to exploring and discussing the latest developments in “Learning” (both human and AI) - Research on learning methods and their applications in marketing.


This category is your go-to hub for deep dives into the psychological underpinnings of marketing and the timeless principles that form its bedrock. Here, we discuss and debate the cornerstone principles of marketing. It is an ideal space for students, educators, and practitioners alike to understand the fundamental concepts underpinning all marketing strategies and tactics.


In the Innovation category, we showcase and discuss the most creative ideas and forward-thinking initiatives in the world of marketing. This forum celebrates creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in marketing, enabling us to learn from the most innovative minds and companies in the industry.

Career & Skills Development

The Career & Skills Development category is the place for resources and discussions about career paths, skill-building, and the future of work in marketing. It’s perfect for students looking to start their careers or seasoned professionals looking to level up their skills.