Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Eyewear Collection

Optometrists have a unique opportunity to market their eyewear collections creatively. From leveraging social media to offering BOGO deals, these strategies can enhance patient engagement and drive sales, making eyewear a significant revenue stream.

Finding innovative and creative ways to market your products is necessary to keep your audience engaged. As an optometrist, you might not be thinking about how your product selection contributes to your success since you’re primarily focused on providing healthcare services. But anything that makes you unique, like a select eyewear collection, can really help you to stand out from your competitors.

Working with an optometric marketing agency is a great way to explore effective ways to market your products. The good news about being an optometrist is that glasses are an easy sell since they’re both necessary and stylish. There’s even a big market to tap into that can extend well beyond your patients.

Many major brands offer glasses in different colours, shapes, and styles, making them a fun way to express yourself. Offering your patients a selection of fashionable eyewear can contribute positively to their optometric experience. You can help them find a pair of glasses they absolutely love!

Glasses can also be a major revenue generator for optometry clinics. Even if your patients wear contacts, they’ll likely still want to keep a pair of glasses on hand. Patients who don’t require vision correction may also be interested in your frame selection, as many can be fitted with polarized lenses to protect them from the sun.

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If you’re looking for ways to promote your eyewear collection, we have some simple and creative ways that will put it on full display!

Use social media and direct email

Don’t wait for your patients to come to you. When you acquire new eyewear selections, be sure to promote them on your social media channels and inform your audience with direct emails. Use images to capture their attention and provide useful information, like links to the manufacturers’ websites or details about available inventory and custom options. Be creative with the eyewear in your social posts and emails! Focus on small details, unique elements, and the benefits of the products you’re selling.

Offer a BOGO program

This is a commonly employed sales tactic, but it works! Who doesn’t love a deal? A buy-one-get-one deal can include a free offer or a reduced price on a second pair of glasses. Encourage your patients to try out different styles or select pairs that are suited for different activities. It can even be useful to have one pair for work and one for home. Offering a BOGO option will give your patients the peace of mind of knowing they always have a pair of backup glasses in case one is broken or lost.

Work with insurance companies

Many people have comprehensive insurance plans through their jobs, school, or partners. Make it easy for your patients to access benefits by working directly with as many of these insurance providers as possible. This will help to make your eyewear collection more affordable for your patients—making it easy for them to choose to buy from you.  

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Send out prescription reminders

Adults may need their prescription adjusted every time they have an eye exam, meaning every two years. Send out appointment reminders to your existing patients to book an exam and have their prescriptions checked. A new pair of glasses could be just the thing to incentivize them to come in! You could even offer a discount program or buyback program for return patients who choose to recycle their old eyewear.

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Make your display enticing

What’s worse than walking into a cluttered store where you can’t see any merchandise? Pay attention to how you display your eyewear. An appealing and prominent display will encourage them to spend more time looking at your offerings. Customers will be naturally drawn to your displays and curious about your eyewear collections. Sometimes some good old-fashioned visual merchandising really does the trick.

Use eyewear in your campaigns

Let’s be honest, an image of an intense eye exam might not be what draws people to your practice, but a cool pair of trendy glasses could be just the thing. Work your eyewear collection into all of your marketing and advertising efforts. Update images to feature the latest styles and your most popular eyewear options. Be sure to track what campaigns receive the biggest response, tracking your patients’ interest in specific styles, brands, types, or colours of glasses.

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Don’t forget about the kids

Kids are tough audiences, and their prescriptions can change even faster than adults. This means that kids need new glasses often. Offer a wide variety of eyewear options for kids, paying attention to what matters both to them and to their parents. They should be stylish but also durable. Focus your marketing efforts around back-to-school time when kids want to look great for the upcoming school year. Launch back-to-school campaigns early in the summer so kids have plenty of time to come in and select a new pair of glasses before September.

Eyewear is an essential part of optometry practice and can contribute significantly to your revenue. If you own or manage an optometry practice, it’s vital that you effectively market and promote your eyewear collection. Many patients will be enticed by the prospect of choosing new glasses when they come in for an exam, so make sure you capitalize on this interest.

Promote your eyewear collection both in-store and online. Offering special deals and featuring eyewear in your online images are great ways to get your patients excited about your products. If you’re looking for ways to engage your audience and create dynamic, effective optometric marketing campaigns, partner with an optometry marketing agency with the expertise to bring in new patients and enhance your sales strategies. Then watch those glasses fly off the shelves.