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Website Design & Development Service

Are you embarking on a digital journey with your business?

We are not just another Edmonton web design company; we are a digital solution hub committed to transforming businesses, aiding them in embracing digital marketing and fostering sustainable growth.

Our story began in 2010 to empower Edmonton’s small and medium enterprises with robust, swift, and user-centric web solutions.

Our early projects were WordPress-based websites, and we used Amazon Web Services extensively. In 2010, we would aid local ventures such as nightclubs, concerts and festivals. We loved working in the creative design space. The essence of delivering content-rich platforms promptly established us as a reliable web design partner in the Edmonton business community.

We’ve grown up from our early days until the present, almost 14 years later. Our most successful projects have always been software-focused, and we seek ways to deploy practical and creative software for businesses.

Web Design Work

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From WordPress to Full Stack JavaScript Applications

In a world where anyone can create a website with tools like Wix or Webflow, we understand the desire to cut costs on web design by hiring a family friend or a discount web designer. However, there is a lot more to a website than what's on the cover. Under the hood of a website lies an application that can either work for you or not. We specialize in creating custom digital solutions to meet your unique business goals.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Customized for You: Unlike do-it-yourself website builders, we offer personalized solutions. Our team listens to your needs and crafts a digital platform that aligns with your business objectives and market demands.
  2. Future-Ready Technology: We use advanced technologies to build your website, ensuring it’s not only attractive but also fast, responsive, and capable of growing with your business.
  3. Expert Guidance: Navigating the digital world can be complex. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your digital platform truly represents your business and helps it thrive.
  4. Value Beyond a Website: We do more than build websites. We create comprehensive digital experiences that engage your customers and drive your business forward.

A Decade of Building, Learning, and Growing

Over a decade, we’ve amassed a wealth of insights through diverse project engagements, having collaborated with over 150 Edmonton businesses.

Our team is a blend of creative writers, imaginative graphic designers, and adept web developers, each bringing a unique skill set. This multi-disciplinary ensemble ensures a holistic approach to every project, delivering a seamless blend of engaging content, captivating designs, and robust web functionalities. Each project is treated with the precision akin to software development sans the hefty price tag, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

About the company Choice OMG Inc.
Choice OMG is a business slingshot. We employ a small team of exceptionally talented individuals committed to big achievements.

Mobile-First Design

Our staunch commitment to a mobile-first design ethos sets us apart in a world where mobile devices are ubiquitous. We believe a truly mobile-friendly website is not merely a resized desktop version; it’s a platform meticulously crafted to offer a seamless user experience on smaller screens.

Our designs prioritize mobile user interfaces, ensuring intuitive navigation, swift loading, and a captivating user experience that holds your audience’s attention.

Our projects are fueled by an innovative technology stack that enhances website usability and showcases our perpetual quest for digital excellence.

Here’s a detailed glimpse of the technologies and platforms we proficiently work with:

  • Advertising Platforms: Our expertise in Google Ads, Facebook Business, and Microsoft Ads enables targeted advertising campaigns that drive qualified traffic to your website.
  • SEO and Analytics Tools: Utilizing SEMrush, Ahrefs, Search Console, GA 4, and Matomo, we ensure your website is SEO-optimized and monitor its performance to derive actionable insights.
  • Web Development Frameworks: Our developers are proficient in React, Express, Next.js, React Server Components, and Next.js App Router, ensuring a robust, scalable, and performance-oriented web infrastructure.
  • Integration Tools: We streamline integrations through Zapier and Google Tag Manager, enhancing your website’s functionality and user experience.
  • API Integrations: We seamlessly integrate APIs, including Shopify, Unbound, Twilio VoIP, Softphones, and SMS messaging, extending your website’s capabilities to meet diverse business needs.
  • Payment Integrations: Our expertise extends to integrating payment gateways like Moneris, Beamstream, Bambora, and Chase Payments, ensuring secure and seamless transactions on your platform.
  • Conversion Tracking: With advanced conversion tracking, we empower you to monitor lead generation and e-commerce performance, deriving insights to optimize your digital strategy.

Our developers are command-line masters, showcasing a profound mastery of coding, ensuring your project is handled with adept expertise from inception to launch.

Shaping Digital Transformations

Aligning with Choice OMG is not just about hiring a service; it’s about forging a partnership with a team of integrated specialists ready to catapult your business into the digital future. Whether drafting a late-night blog post on your phone or analyzing user traffic on your tablet, our creations ensure a fluid, mobile-optimized interface ready to captivate your audience anytime, anywhere.

Leveraging potent digital marketing strategies, our designer and digital marketing specialists curate campaigns that enhance your visibility and user engagement across the web. Navigating through search engine optimization (SEO) intricacies, we empower your website to climb the search engine ranks, ensuring your online presence is visible and impactful.

We entrust a dedicated project manager to your venture, ensuring that from conceptualization to execution, every aspect of your web development and design services journey is meticulously overseen and flawlessly implemented.

Developing a solid social media strategy that cohesively integrates with your website and other digital platforms ensures that your online presence is prominent and resonates with your audience across multiple platforms, building a comprehensive digital brand presence.

Whether you’re a small business owner or run a larger enterprise, our web design company approaches every project with the same level of commitment and detail, ensuring that your web page and other digital platforms are not just tools but comprehensive solutions that help grow your business.

Web Design and WordPress Development

At Choice OMG, we breathe life into digital spaces through meticulous web design and robust WordPress development. We harness tools like Elementor and WooCommerce, ensuring a synthesis of aesthetic appeal and e-commerce efficacy.

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