About the Learning category

This category is dedicated to exploring and discussing the latest developments in “Learning” (both human and AI) - Research on learning methods and their applications in marketing.

From transformative technologies like machine Learning and deep learning to innovative uses of AI in advertising, customer relationship management, and predictive analysis. Here, we delve into how Learning shapes and disrupts the marketing landscape.

The Learning category is designed for anyone interested in the ever-evolving field of AI as it applies to marketing. This is where our community can share and discuss new research findings, emerging AI technologies, and innovative applications in the marketing world. It is the perfect place to stay informed about the latest trends, tools, and techniques in AI-driven marketing.

Unlike the Foundational category, which focuses on the underlying principles and psychological aspects of marketing, the Learning category is more dynamic and future-focused. It’s where we explore the cutting-edge intersection of AI and marketing, offering a space to discuss advancements reshaping the industry. While the Foundational category is more about understanding the roots and enduring aspects, Learning is about staying at the forefront of AI-powered marketing innovation.

Topics in the Learning category should revolve around new research in AI, applications of AI in marketing, case studies of AI-driven marketing campaigns, discussions about AI tools and software in marketing, and predictions about how AI might shape the future of marketing. They could also include questions about these topics, requests for resources or advice, and personal experiences using Learning in a marketing context.

The Learning category is necessary as it offers a specialized platform for the AI aspect of marketing, a significant and rapidly growing field. Merging it with another category could dilute the focus on AI and make it harder for members specifically interested in this topic to find relevant discussions. However, if needed, it could potentially be divided into subcategories for more specific aspects of AI in marketing, such as “AI Research,” “AI Tools,” or “AI Case Studies.”