SEO and Ecommerce for Milkshake and Spasation Hair & Beauty Services

Spasation Salon & Spa has been an integral part of Edmonton's landscape for the past 30 years. Boasting salons in all major shopping malls, they've curated a team of the industry's most proficient professionals. Hair Salon & SpaOur mission remains the same today as it did many years ago - to provide an oasis offering the ancient spa experienceSpasation Edmonton However, the downtown core took a significant hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic and major construction developments. The once buzzing C

Funky Monster Characters

It all started when a cannabis company, PokeBud, contacted us for a new website and rebranding. Their original site was extremely slow to navigate through and the overall design was cluttered with no real call to action. They also had a number of eye-catching monster characters throughout the site, however, this was not to be carried over. As we worked with the client, we established a new clean and modern website that gave the user a clear objective: buy weed online. Near completion, the once

Vita VIP Vacation Rentals

This was a particularly challenging project that stretched the limit of our skills and also stretched our reach to work with an international client from Spain. By the time Choice OMG was contacted about this web design project, several other companies had already failed in their attempts to reinvent the existing website to Vita VIP Vacation’s specifications. The challenge was communicated to us as a WordPress clone, but evolved into full-blown CMS. We used our investigative skills to determine