SEO Packages

Annual pricing (save 20%)

Features and services for startups and small businesses.

What's included:
  • Basic SEO Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 10 pages On-Page Optimization
  • Bad Links Removal (Disavow)
  • Basic Technical SEO Checks
  • Basic Off-Page Strategy
  • 3 Guest Posting per month
  • Up to 50 Keywords Researched
  • 3 Listing Management

Comprehensive SEO package for businesses serious about online visibility.

What's included:
  • In-depth Ongoing Competitor Analysis (3 competitors)
  • 20 pages On-Page Optimization
  • Up to 200 Bad Links Removal (Disavow)
  • Advanced Technical SEO Fix Instructions
  • Website Programming Repairs
  • Enhanced Off-Page Strategy
  • 3 Off-Site Guest Posts per month
  • 2 On-Site Posts per month
  • Up to 200 Keywords Researched
  • 10 Listing Management
Premium Tier

Comprehensive SEO package for large enterprises seeking maximum online visibility.

What's included:
  • Full Site & Multi-Location On-Page Optimization
  • In-depth Ongoing Competitor Analysis (10 competitors)
  • Unlimited Bad Links Removal
  • Full Technical SEO Optimization
  • Full Website Technical SEO Implementation
  • Comprehensive Off-Page Strategy
  • 5 Off-Site Guest Posts per month
  • 4 On-Site Guest Posts per month
  • Up to 500 Keywords Research
  • 40+ Listing Management

Understanding SEO Services For Professionals and Business Owners

Full Site & Multi-Location On-Page Optimization

Definition: This process refines the content and structure of a website to enhance its visibility on search engines.

Importance: Ensures that search engines can easily understand your website's content, leading to better rankings. For businesses with multiple locations, it guarantees that each site is optimized for its specific audience.

In-depth Ongoing Competitor Analysis

Definition: A systematic review of market competitors to identify their strategies and strengths.

Importance: By understanding competitors, businesses can identify opportunities and threats, enabling them to refine their strategies and maintain a competitive edge.

Unlimited Bad Links Removal

Definition: The process of identifying and removing harmful links that point to your website.

Importance: Bad links can harm a website's reputation with search engines. Removing them ensures your site maintains its credibility and ranking.

Full Technical SEO Optimization

Definition: A thorough audit and enhancement of the technical aspects of a website, such as its speed and mobile compatibility.

Importance: Ensures a website functions flawlessly, offers a superior user experience, and is favored by search engines.

Full Website Technical SEO Implementation

Definition: The application of technical SEO recommendations to a website.

Importance: Actively implementing these changes guarantees the website operates at its peak, ensuring optimal rankings and user engagement.

Comprehensive Off-Page Strategy

Definition: A plan that focuses on activities outside your website to improve its authority and ranking.

Importance: Boosts the website's reputation and visibility, leading to increased traffic and potential clientele.

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