Digital Marketing Services for the Modern Business:
Choice OMG

Welcome to Choice OMG, where we deliver cutting-edge digital marketing services tailored for businesses that are serious about their online presence. Our team of skilled graphic designers, writers, and software engineers work in a fast-paced, modern environment to provide exceptional value and unparalleled results.

“I’m blown away by how invested the team at Choice OMG is in their work.”

— Dr. Sam Dhaliwal,
Writers, designers, and software engineers on staff.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Embrace the future of digital marketing with Choice OMG, a forward-thinking agency that constantly innovates and improves its services to stay ahead of the curve.

Website Development: Innovating Beyond Convention

Our websites are visually appealing and powerful business tools that elevate your online presence. Our website development goes beyond basic WordPress templates and plugins. We provide full-stack development with custom API-driven data management, integrating powerful tools like Zapier and headless CMS platforms like Strapi. We ensure that our websites score top marks on Google's PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix speed tests, maintaining fast and effective online experiences for your users.

PPC Campaign Management: Advanced Strategies for Maximum Impact

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management combines advanced bidding strategies and intelligent conversion tracking to build targeted audiences quickly and effectively. We meet customers at the right stage of their journey, maximizing the impact and ROI of your marketing efforts.

Conversion Tracking for Smart Bidding

Conversion tracking is crucial for intelligent bidding in Google and Microsoft Ads. By monitoring user actions after clicking your ads; we gain valuable insights into campaign performance. This data enables real-time bid optimization, displaying ads at optimal costs to the most relevant audiences.

Facebook Audiences and Conversion Attribution

Facebook Ads require accurate conversion information for proper ad performance attribution and targeting optimization. By supplying Facebook with conversion data, the platform can effectively assign weights to users based on their conversion likelihood. Knowing historical conversion values maximizes advertising ROI by showing ads to the most relevant and high-converting users.

Privacy, First-Party Cookies, and Enhanced Conversions

Choice OMG prioritizes user privacy while maximizing digital marketing effectiveness. By leveraging first-party cookies and Google's Enhanced Conversions, we maintain user privacy and adhere to data protection regulations. First-party cookies enable accurate conversion tracking and improved ad targeting, while Enhanced Conversions use encrypted first-party data for precise conversion measurements, even without third-party cookies.

With advanced bidding strategies, intelligent conversion tracking, and a focus on privacy, Choice OMG's digital marketing services drive better results, empowering your business to thrive in today's competitive landscape.