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We're a friendly bunch from Canada and we offer complete branded website solutions.

We provide professional website development and application design services from Canada to the world.

Choice offers website development and landing page design. We build small business WordPress-based websites that are great for online marketing. We also help businesses sell online with WordPress tools like WooCommerce. We’ve been doing WordPress for a long time, and the only limitation WordPress truly has is performance.

Get more stuff from Choice OMGThe Choice OMG values we hold tightly to at our core are trust, effect, and success. To uphold those values, we’re always on top of each and every component of the website development process. With Choice OMG, you get more stuff. Predicting the future is what we do. As human society’s fabric evolves with AI and machines transcend into social creatures, we do our part. We build websites that can read people’s minds, make them feel great, and actually make them smarter. This is, of course, great for your business.

We love digging into full-stack development projects. Our heroes have changed from PHP and Composer to Node and Yarn. What was once jQuery is now React, and we’ve got our eye on headless-everything and microservices. We’re bringing the big FAANG tech to the mom and pop.

Maintaining a functional website is your online storefront, showroom, and reception desk. Regardless of whether your business provides a product or service, more of your patients, clients, and/or customers will see you online than your physical storefront. And we know it.

It’s essential to keep your website clean and tidy. How well your website is presented is a direct reflection of how well you run your company. If your website is a mess, you know, one of those half-completed template jobs. Do you just need to stick another line of text in to “bring it all together”? But, the text just stares back at you with chanting “lorem ipsum,” so let me tell you: we finish sites—simple, practical, and most importantly, ready for operation.

Here are some of our projects:

Website Project Management. We nailed it.

Learn more about our straight forward 3-stage development process so you know exactly what to expect when you get a website from ChoiceOMG Inc.

Feature Rich Content Management System (CMS)

Get Winnipeg SEO and Web Design together and you might find Google Ads and Facebook extremely effective for your small business marketing. Call 204-272-9103 or message us today!