We're a Boutique Web Design Studio

"Boutique?", you ask. We're smaller - and we think we're pretty good at what we do. We work with fewer clients and put top talent to tasks in advertising, consulting, and web design. That's why we say Boutique

We're a little different that what you may expect. Edmonton is our home and where Choice OMG is headquartered. Like most Edmontonian's we are proud of our reputation of "the city of Festivals" and of course, "the city of Champions". We're the best champions your going to find, and if anyone from Calgary says otherwise, we'll take them to the purple city at the ledge.

Choice OMG is a company that continually provides good marketing advice and consistently good advice.

Looking for something else?

For the clients we can work with, we're great for each other. We have built strong long-term relationships in the Edmonton business community. Especially in Mill Woods and West Edmonton, where our creative work lives in St Albert's Anytime Fitness or West Edmonton Mall's Gun Shop. Business leaders, educational institutions, and top talent from across the city know Choice.

Accomplishment motivates us

Edmonton Businesses that We Work With

You need to be at a particular stage in the development of your business. We're task-focused organizations, and we're brought in early in the strategic planning process. Our specialized skills are excellent for specific types of companies, and the timing of our involvement is nontrivial.

It's important to us that we have the opportunity to participate in the brainstorming process. You will appreciate how well our small team can know a good idea when we see it. Additionally, we have the grit (and experience) to see good ideas into a good plan through the creative process.

The Web Design Services we Offer in Edmonton

Predominantly our marketing services relate to websites and internet marketing. Deliverables include landing pages, websites, and advertisements on Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads. We have created other products from time to time to stretch our skill sets to their limits, but when it comes to the core value-add that we bring to the table, we are talking about online marketing.

Working from home? Not a problem

Online marketing is a very dynamic space to traverse - And your Edmonton web design will be ready for it!

Many fascinating aspects combine for every campaign. The speed of the entire cycle is much faster. Audience selection happens at the speed of light, and tens of thousands of people can see a promotion instantly. Machine learning empowers advertisers with real-time stats and even automated conditional. The principles of marketing have not entirely changed with the global shift online. Even the four P's (product, price, place, and promotion) are relevant. It's these same principles that ground our decision-making. We have highly talented people, but when it comes to marketing, we have the best.