Online Advertising Services

Affordable Ecommerce Web Design and Advertising.

We focus on creative ad design and placement in a market where geographical lines are disappearing.  As Canadian professionals, we offer a lot more than talent; when you use a Canadian advertising agency – you pay in CAD. In Canada, we also have a multi-cultural society where first-generation Canadian citizens come from across the globe shaping a transnational team to support your global strategy.

We help businesses advertise online with campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads.

Our primary function is advertising, and for many partner agencies, we form a valuable part of their bundled service offering. We are now almost wholly an agency partner company.  Our partners are skilled in sales and customer service while we beef up their service offering with Creative Advertising solutions.

We manage Google Ad, Facebook Ad, and Microsoft Ad campaigns. If you or your client are launching a marketing campaign, we make an excellent choice.


Cutting-edge digital marketing tactics and a comprehensive online marketing strategy

Choice Online Marketing Group (OMG), Inc.

We Get Your Phone Ringing™

We’re a bunch of cool Canadians from The North. We live in snow for most of the year, we say “eh?,” and we have two official languages, English and French.  Our core values are Trust, Effect, and Client Success. Our mission is to “be the slingshot.” If you want to learn more about Choice OMG Inc., click here or message us on Facebook.