Investing in Entrepreneurs

This week marks the 15th Global Entrepreneurship Week, recognizing the innovations of small business owners across our country and beyond. Driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth, entrepreneurs are setting the foundation for a strong economic future for Canada.

Mike Ormerod
∙ 1 minute read

Veteran-Led Companies Have a Competitive Edge

The team at Choice OMG knows we have something special to offer. We’re a relatively small group, but we each bring a lot to the table. It’s made us a powerhouse in website development and online marketing, especially as this area exploded with COVID-19 shutdowns.

Jennifer Lemon
∙ 3 minutes read

How to SEO in 2022

1. Know your audience 2. Understand "search" to learn what is "sought." 3. Give your audience what they want ...and stay on top of it. Business owners come to many conclusions about past search performance, but you need more than conclusions. Seek out actionable recommendations and implement best-practice...

Peter Jaffray
∙ 4 minutes read

What to do when your wireless goes down

Too many Canadians woke up on Friday morning to a huge Rogers outage that affected both wireless and cellular internet use. What could have felt like a liberating day was actually anxiety-provoking for many users. How would they connect to work after two years of working diligently from...

Jennifer Lemon
∙ 4 minutes read
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