Media Strategy

From PR to Social Media and Paid Channels. What's the sentiment you're curating for your business?

Media includes all the various mediums you can use to communicate with your consumers. Marketing channels such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising are forms of paid media and viral posts on Reddit or Twitter are earned media. Our world-class consulting team can help you plan your media strategy and help you achieve your business goals.

Some media you can own and control; others write themselves and grow outside of your sphere of influence. Bring in a professional to carefully plan your paid strategy, your organic strategy, and set the conditions for optimal outcomes.

Paid media is a scalable form of marketing that allows you to choose when and where your communications will appear. The distinction between communication and advertising is essential because advertising includes personalized interactive messages and works a lot more like communications than the traditional concept of an advertisement. You can purchase video views, CPA impressions, and you can even buy conversions.

Depending on how accurately you can trace revenue to the original paid media channel, you can effectively scale up your campaigns with machine learning. It's a simple concept of cost-in and revenue-out. The challenge comes when the paid channels become saturated with competition because the platform (i.e. Google Ads) learns to maximize its profits. That means machine learning will squeeze the most value out of all competitors in the space until the segment becomes a few companies willing to spend the most on advertising. A good media strategist will know what and diversify.

Earned media is the dream. Unfortunately, this is very challenging to do. Suppose you are lucky enough to have sparked interest in your product or brand with a positive viral video or news article than leveraging that publicity to earn more if it becomes the focus. On the opposite side of earned media comes lousy publicity, which can eliminate profits and force you into bankruptcy in the blink of an eye.

Both good and bad earned media can be monitored and controlled to some extent. By actively monitoring and engaging with customers on social media, you can create brand advocates, snuff out fires, and learn to provide better customer service to next-generation consumers.

Our consultants explore your brand assets on social media, the organic internet, and open-source intelligence platforms. We establish machine learning tools and define configurable parameters to scrape data and evaluate sentiment, timing, and competitive positioning. We develop competitive research processes and active spend monitoring for paid media to budget for your campaigns accurately.

Media consulting is one of our most effective services here at Choice OMG, where our clients become like family and the project we work on, our passion. Please get in touch with us for a complimentary introduction.