Pete has 14 years of experience as an advertising executive and holds a Master’s degree from one of the top MBA schools in the world. In his early teen years, he was a quick study learning everything about computers and the BBS systems that existed in the early 90s. He built a global network of digital friends and spent a lot of time at a keyboard.

To achieve more balance in life, Pete joined the Canadian Armed Forces at the age of 18, deploying to Bosnia and Afghanistan in his early 20s. He later merged his skills and passion to create Choice OMG more than a decade ago, and continues to lead this multidimensional marketing group with a reputation for excellence.

Married with a small family in the middle of the American continent, he enjoys swimming, programming, and eating ice cream sandwiches.

Awards, Certification, and Recognition:

  • Winning Team - MIMC International Marketing Competition (with colleagues Mathew Mowbrey, Rachel, Moses Apomah, and Anand Pye)
  • MBA, BCom (IB)
  • CD (The Canadian Forces' Decoration)
  • Google Ads - Mastered all certifications and are all current